Elite Benefits

America’s Card Room loves all its members, and it has a soft spot for its most loyal and elite players. It proudly opens up and upholds the most dedicated and deserving of members with its military-style VIP club. Let’s discover the beautiful details together.

America’s Card Room Loves Lieutenants

The entry VIP level is the lieutenant tier. After registering at America’s Card Room, the next move is to put on your armor and play the poker games and tournaments with a vengeance. Your courage and diligence in this regard accrue comp points that promote you through the ranks. The stage is set for lieutenants to earn and unleash medals of achievement for their exploits which translates to tremendous bonus wins. Once you’ve earned 750 rank points in a month, you move up to the rank of captain.

Saluting The Captain

All of the benefits and the responsibilities mount on the captain level. The combat multiplier increases to 1.5, and you get up to $50 for cash purchases. Captains get access to freeroll poker tournaments. While it takes 750 rank points in a month to achieve the captain rank, it is your duty to maintain that same amount, so you don’t forfeit the captain rank. The biggest challenge facing Captains is the accrual of at least 3,000 rank points in a single month to move up to major.

All Hail The Major

The benefits and the comp points increase on the major level. The comp points increase to two per single rank point, and you get up to $300 for cash purchases. Majors get the same privileges as captains, including access to the freeroll poker tournaments, but you must maintain your major rank points. If you prove yourself head and shoulders above the rest and you amass 7,500 rank points in a month, then congratulations. You’ll be promoted to the rank of colonel.

Being A Colonel Has Its Privileges

Boy, doesn’t it feel good to be a colonel? The comp points shoot up to 2.5 per single rank point, and you get $600 in cash benefits. Like the other levels, the pressure is on for you to maintain your current rank status so you won’t go backward. If you prove yourself worthy and amass 100,000 rank points in a month, then you’ve earned the right to put a general’s patch on your uniform.

The Power Of The General…

Is immense. For starters, America’s Card Room showers generals with 3.5 comp points for a single rank point. No matter what, you are guaranteed to stay a general until February of the following year. To maintain your general status, no matter what, you must accrue no less than 7,000 rank points in a month. The cash advances for generals shoot up to $1,500 to $4,000 a month.

Five Times The General

When you become a 5-star general, you are the best of the best, and America’s Card Room treats you like royalty. 5-star generals earn five comp points per single rank point and the cash advance increases to a staggering $10,000 per month. When you’ve achieved a million rank points, you’ll have the honor and rare access to purchase a $20,000 level of distinction feature.